Health is an area that is always of interest to countries around the world, based on many evaluation criteria. Below are the top countries with the best health systems in the world today.

The list of countries with the best health systems in the world is based on data from the Legatum Research Institute in London on the 10th annual global prosperity index, which is a large-scale survey evaluating The level of prosperity of countries in the world in 2017. Here are the countries that are rated as having the best health systems in the world.


Luxembourg is located between three countries, Belgium, France, and Germany. This is a country with a favorable geographical position for economic and cultural development, so this country always tops the rankings of health indicators. of the Legatum Institute. According to statistics, the average life expectancy of people in Luxembourg is 82.


According to Medical News, Singapore is a country with fresh air, a mild climate, a developed economy, Singapore is also a country at the top of countries with a developed health system. Currently, Singapore's population is about 5.6 million people and the average life expectancy is 83.1, very high compared to other countries.


This is a country with a very developed economy, the Swiss are extremely healthy, the Swiss people have almost everything that people of any country in the world want. All Swiss citizens must fully participate in compulsory health insurance, aiming for comprehensive health care for the people here.


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